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About Adepteo Call Tracking Numbers

What are Tracking Numbers?

  • With Tracking Numbers you have the ability to track incoming calls.
  • It offers real-time call data so that you are able to take advantage of the most current information on calls that are coming into your business.
  • Call tracking techniques have become one of the most commonly used methods for tracking advertising and marketing performance because it is extremely cost effective.

Why use Tracking Numbers?

  • Measure the responses to each ad campaign.
  • Compare the results of ad campaigns.
  • Report on essential information about each call.
  • Monitor performance of workforce.
  • Help maximise on your ROI (return on investment).
  • Improve your conversion of leads into sales.

How does Tracking Numbers work? Simple 4 Step process

  1. Choose numbers from our website and have them set up in minutes.
  2. Place them on your advertising and label which number is on which advert.
  3. When a number is called we divert the call to a landline or mobile number and log the call details.
  4. Through our website you can then see how long each call was, average wait times, number of calls not answered etc.

Features of Tracking Numbers

  • View statistical data about incoming phone calls.
  • Find out how many calls are not being answered.
  • See how long it takes for calls to be answered.
  • View statistical data in a clear and coherent format.

How can you manage what you don't measure?

When I first started Adepteo back in 2001 and I wanted to promote my business I did the thing that everybody did in those days.  I advertised in a variety of local magazines and...