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Call and Number Charges

Free Trial

There are no charges whilst using the free trial service however there are some limitations on what you can do with the account.  Please see the FAQ for more details.

Number Rentals

There is a charge of £3.00 per month per geographic number (01 / 02 / 03) style number.

There is no monthly charge for any Non Geographic number such as 080 (Freephone) or 084 (Local Rate) numbers.

Gold Number Purchase Charges

Our standard numbers have no purchase or setup charge however if you want something that little bit more special, you may purchase a Vanity or Gold number that is easier to remember, to pronounce or just makes some sense related to your business service or name.  These numbers have variable costs associated with them.  These are one off charges that are payable at the time that the number is set up.

Forwarded Calls Charge Rates

These are charged at the standard rates of 2ppm (Pence Per Minute) to landlines and 12ppm to mobile phones within the UK.  For international numbers please contact us for specific quotations.

FreePhone Numbers incoming call charge

When you receive a call on an 080 (Freephone) number we make a charge of 3ppm to cover the cost of the incoming portion of the call.  This is in addition to the call forward charge that will be applied to pass the call onto your phone.

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