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Enable a Virtual Assistant, receptionist partner or 3rd party to take calls after hours or when you are unavailable

Virtual Assistant

For some companies it is not always possible to have someone available to answer your phone calls all of the time.  Especially so if you are a sole trader or only have a couple of staff and they are away from the office or in meetings from time to time.  In this case it wouldn't it be great to be able to divert your phone calls to a Virtual Assistant or Reception Service somewhere.  Most of these services will allow you to divert your calls to them or they will provide you with a dedicated number that you can use on your materials, however you are not really in control of those numbers.

Using an Adepteo Tracking Number you can easily change the diversion of calls to any landline number at any time of the day or night.  (With our premium service you can also automate the dates and times that these changes occur).

Some hidden benefits that you get as well include:

  • Monitor the number of calls handled;
  • Details of any missed calls;
  • A complete log of all calls passed to your assistant