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How many missed calls do you miss each day ?

It is not always possible to answer every single call that you recieve each day.  Indeed if you only have a single phone line it is quite possible that when people call you, you are already on the phone and so the caller gets an engaged tone.  With our Tracking Numbers Call Statistics you can check online what the calls are that do not get through to your company on a daily, weekly or whatever time period basis you choose.  

Return Calls

Look out for repeat callers that may be desperate to get hold of you and give them a call back.  How do you feel when you cannot get hold of the person you want to speak to and either you cannot get hold of them because their line is engaged or you speak to someone else and leave a message and still do not get a call back.  Imagine therefore the impact that it gives to your business image when someone calls you and cannot leave a message, but shortly afterwards they receive an "un prompted" call from you.  From experience we have found that this can make a major impact on the perception of your company.

Lost Call Value

What is the typical value of a call to your business?  Every lost call means that you have potentially lost that amount of revenue to your company.  Analysing the Call Statistics will help you to understand the time of day that people want to contact you, it may be before you get into the office or after you have left!

Completing more calls means that you are almost certainly going to improve the success rate of gaining new business or increasing the value of the business that you do complete

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