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Which social media effort generates the most phone calls?

How do you track calls that come from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media pages?

The way I used to do this when I first started Adepteo was to ask every new enquiry that we received how they had heard about us, and then kept a mental note of what was working for us. This worked fine when I was working alone, but when I started to take on staff the momentum started to slow and I lost track of where enquiries were coming from.

Incoming Call ShareThese days when people call us we have several ways of identifying when and where they found our contact details from.  For instance every call that we receive shows the number that the person dialled to call us - this is all courtesy of our phone system.  What we can do for you though is provide a unique Tracking Number for each different social media account that you hold.  From our system you can then start to see the breakdown of calls, durations etc and start to see any patterns that may occur.

Of course this method can be extended to all the different locations and methods that you use to promote your company - not just Social Media accounts.