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Beta Test FREE trial of tracking numbers

We are pleased to be launching a BETA Test of our new trial service.  The FREE trial service is designed so that you can try out how our service works with No Risk at all!

Intially the service will be in a BETA testing state but this will shortly be moving to a full production status.

In one easy signup process we will ask you for 2 simple pieces of information:

  • Your email address - so that we can create an account for you
  • Your phone number - that we will direct incoming calls for you

Then we will set up the following for you:

  • Create an account and allocate it an initial password
  • Send you an email with all the details included
  • Allocate an 084 local area number to your account
  • You are up and running.

Then all you need to do is to tell people what your tracking number is by displaying it on a poster, website, flyer, business card or wherever else you can think.

When phone calls are made to this number they will be diverted to your landline number free of charge and you will get all the details of who, when and where available through our online portal site.

Obviously you need to make sure that people see where you placed the number and get them to call it, but after that you can immediatly start to see which items of publicity are generating the most enquiries for you.

The small print

We make a small amount of money on the incoming call that we use to pay for the call out to your landline number.  That is why we can only offer this free service to land line numbers.  If you would like to upgrade to our paid for service we can then divert calls to mobiles and even internationally.

You can cancel this whenever you want - so there is no commitment, no risk, no charge!

Please tell others about us

Finally - don't just keep this to yourself - Please tell all your friends and colleagues about the service so that they can see for themselves how it all works.